Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Last Day of School 2017

Last day of school!  Of course I'm excited to be able to sleep in, but what I'm really looking forward to is having the older kids home so they can watch the younger two and I can finally do some shopping - alone.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, my little helper and I made a banner to place over the front door.  

Then we decorated the bus stop with balloons and bunting.

I wrote things on the balloons like "welcome summer" and "happy last day of school" not knowing it would look upside down.  Next year, I'll do it right.

Here is my youngest daughter who is no longer a kindergartner.  

I didn't make it down to the bus stop in time to see my older daughter.  Good thing my camera has a zoom function.

My daughter and her best friend walking home together.  These girls have known each other since they were two and now they're 7th graders.

They were kind enough to humor me with one more picture before we went in the house to eat ice cream.

I had various toppings set out for them and let them have at it, making whatever kind of ice cream creation they wanted.  

My original idea also included having buckets of water and super soakers at the bus stop so when the girls got off the bus, we'd squirt them.  However, it was a chilly and drizzly day, so I'm going to have to postpone that until next year.  

And in case you're wondering what we've done in previous years, check out this post HERE.

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