Friday, June 2, 2017

End of School Year Traditions

I can't believe the last day of school is almost here.  I've been looking forward to not having to wake up early, make lunches and get the kids out the door on time since Christmas break ended.  I know the summer will fly by and a new school year will be here before I know it, so I gotta make the most of this summer, starting with something fun to celebrate the last day of school and kick off the start of summer. 

Here is how we celebrated the last day of school in previous years with banners, balloons, ice cream, and more.

Yes, a Welcome to Summer 2016 post is missing and I don't have any pictures other than this sign that my kids helped me make.  

I think I also used sidewalk chalk at the bus stop, to say Happy Last Day of School, but maybe I did that for the First Day of School, I can't recall which.  And I can't remember what else we did, if anything.  I've got to redeem myself this year so I need to start planning something good.  I'm thinking I should have done the same thing every year so I wouldn't have to come up with something new each time.  So if you have any good ideas, send them my way.

Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest that I may use.  

If you pick up your kids, fill your car with balloons.  
Now that would be a fun ride home.  
Check out Be Different Act Normal's blog for more details.

Decorate your door, yard and car.
Find more info at Mama Cheaps blog.

Have a water balloon or Nerf gun battle set up and ready to go when they get home.
You can find more info on those ideas HERE and HERE. 

Gifts are always a hit.  I try to get the kids something like a fun summer toy or new book.  This mom put together a bucket full of summer fun.  Find out more over at Bits of Everything.

The end of the school year also means a break from all that paperwork.
Check out how I store and organize my kid's schoolwork.  
I've been using this method for several years and it's working great.  
Click HERE to find out my system and to create one of your own.

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